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Steaua was founded on 7 june 1947 by the romanian royal army, and have always been seen as the club of the romanian army, even though it became private in 1998. Football books football history football club histories ac football club histories dh football club histories ip football club histories qz football biographies football annuals athletic news football annuals rothmans football yearbooks football club annuals ac football club annuals dp football club annuals qz football instructional football reference books tournament. However, anyone looking for steaua bucharest, perhaps the most. Romania shirt in other memorabilia football shirts for sale ebay. Players were stripped of the steaua shirt, deemed inadequate to. Recently, some kits have begun reintegrating the yellow colour. Protectors of the earth two steps from hell lotr sursa. Buy balleines history of jersey by marguerite syvret, joan stevens isbn. Steaua bucharest stripped of name, colours and emblem. Fotbal club fcsb, formerly fotbal club steaua bucure. Unlucky kits adidas goalkeeper evolution american football anderlecht and adidas australian rules football baselayers books boots bundesliga. Below is a list of notable footballers who have played for steaua bucharest. Steaua played the first three matches in its history at the defunct venus.

Cumpara produsele oficiale steaua bucuresti din magazinul online oficial steaua. Fc steaua bucuresti is a romanian club from the capital city bucharest. The new home kit was launched yesterday, just in time for the 20 romanian super cup where steaua defea. Top 10 unbeaten runs in soccer history thesportster. Steaua bucuresti soccer jersey nike bucharest romania football shirt new fcsb. Fotbal club fcsb formerly fotbal club steaua bucure. The history of the nhl hockey jersey by chris delorme. When the club formed in 1947, they wore red and yellow striped shirts with blue shorts, utilising the colours of the romanian flag, but the yellows role was soon heavily reduced.

Generally, this means players that have played 100 or more liga i matches for the club. However, some players who have played fewer matches are also included. World heritage encyclopedia, the aggregation of the largest online encyclopedias available, and the most. The rise, fall and rebirths of steaua bucharest ryan ferguson. Reprodution in comercial purposes, adapting, distributing or transmitting of one or more parts of this website or the informations which are available on this website, in any purpose or form, is forbidden without written agreement from fc steaua. Museum of jerseys sports kit history and comment, to educate and. In 1998, the club and facilities were separated from the armed forces and sold to a group of shareholders in a. This team, nicknamed the invincibles, made history in england, but it may surprise you to find out that this run fails to make it into the top 10 unbeaten runs in football history. The sens book story the pens book story meeting the barrs meeting the tomons nhl vhs guide. Great oneoffs steaua bucharest, 1986 museum of jerseys. Steaua bucharest could still do this with local talent picked up only within the confines of romania. The team was initially part of the csa steaua bucure. Many of the unbeaten runs listed may be in leagues that are less competitive, but you cannot take away from how impressive these runs are as it takes a special team with an incredible drive and focus to stay.

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